Aragon is an ancient land composed of three provinces: Zaragoza (Saragossa); remote Teruel, which is farther south and Huesca; Most of Aragon constitutes terra incognita for the average tourist- which is unfortunate, since it is one of the most historic regions of Spain. Aragon also prides itself on exceptional Mudejar and its Romanic architecture and traditions. In folklore, Aragon is known for the "Jota", a bounding, leaping dance performed by men and women since at least the 1700s. Aragon Pyrenees forms the central region of Spanish Pyrenees in Huesca, in the northern Aragon province. Being so close to the mountains, it is ideal for Pyrenees summer Trekking and winter Skiing. Aragon offers a lot for walkers:fantastic scenery, great places to stay, good weather and, above all, variety. Serious walkers will relish the chance to seek out the unexplored valleys in the Aragon Pyrenees.